The Masonic Pageant

The 29 Masonic Degrees of the Scottish Rite

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This is it, folks! My book, The Masonic Pageant, is finally going to be published! My publisher is Michael Poll, owner and operator of Cornerstone Publishers. I think Mike and his work at Cornerstone are well-known in the Masonic world and need no introduction.      

A note to those of you who, a couple of years ago, tried to order a pre-pub copy from another publishing house and were disappointed, please try again – this time it’s for real!

Frank  Conway, Ph.D., 33°, MSA

If you would like to order a pre-publication copy

from Cornerstone Publishers, just click on 

Welcome to my blog. My book is about the 29 Masonic degrees of the Scottish Rite. You can check out some of the degrees right here.  Thank you for coming to my blog and I hope you enjoy the book.

Frank Conway

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